Mayor of Malatya
Festival President

“Öyle bir üslup bulalım ki,
dünyanın neresinde seyredilirse seyredilsin,
‘Bu bir Türk filmidir’ denebilsin.”
Lütfi Ömer Akad

With all its branches, art is a civilization’s most effective way of expression. Music, theater, painting, plastic arts, architecture, literature, and particularly cinema manifest the ways of expression and the ability of a worldview. Dating back to the late 1800s and featuring all branches of art, cinema has become one of today’s most powerful communication tools. Cinema can be considered an entertainment tool, but it can also be utilized as an intellectual activity that yields significant results in social, political and cultural domains.

Cinema has always been perceived as an art form that holds a mirror up to society, and it features all aspects of the society. Turkish cinema, however, had a troubled relationship with the values of the Ottoman lands, where it began to develop only a year after its foundation. Not only its technical style, but also its cultural perspective and approach have been based on the West as well. Unlike the minority directors whose films were inspired by the local values, unfortunately, most Turkish directors maintained this tradition.

For the very reason, based on the ‘Art lacks people’ approach, we aspire to hold the 7th Malatya International Film Festival in accordance with the idea of ‘an indigenous and authentic cinema’ which is non-existent in Turkey. In this regard; while maintaining the festival tradition with the competition sections, we also strive to support the indigenous/authentic endeavours with the production supports, film selections and events. And we believe that these efforts will gain Turkish cinema a worldwide reputation.

Malatya is a city where East meets West; a city molded with cultural and historical beauties. And the 7th edition of Malatya International Film Festival will jazz up the silver screen with a film selection matching the spirit of Malatya, and will bring together many national and international films, artists and the cinema enthusiasts between 9-16 November this year. With its innovations, the festival will enrich the Turkish cinema culture.

One of the major innovations of Malatya International Film Festival is the Malatya Film Platform, which aims to provide pre-production support for two feature film projects with Ertem Eğilmez Family Films Production Support Award and TRT Production Support Award. We hope that Turkish film industry will gain new talents through these awards.

Along with other innovations; the Indigenousness Concept Symposium, which was held in September, and the documentary “Turkey is My Country, Too”, which reflects the epic resistance of our people on July 15th through the eyes of the Azerbaijani people, will highly contribute to the MIFF and Malatya’s culture scene.

Wish everyone a great time at the 7th edition of Malatya International Film Festival, which has become one of Turkey’s leading film festivals and keeps improving year after year.