World-renowned director NURİ BİLGE CEYLAN will serve as the jury president at the 8th Malatya International Film Festival’s International Feature Film Competition

The 8th Malatya International Film Festival will be held by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality between November 9-15, 2018, in collaboration with the Directorate General for Cinema of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and the Governorship of Malatya. World-renowned screenplay writer and director NURİ BİLGE CEYLAN will serve as the jury president at the festival’s International Feature Film Competition.

Ceylan will share his experiences at the MasterClass

Veteran film director Nuri Bilge Ceylan will also be a guest at the Malatya Film Platform’s MasterClass and share his experiences with the filmmakers. The MasterClass will be held as part of the Malatya Film Platform, which will be attended by numerous filmmakers from Turkey and abroad, and will include various workshops and industry meetings. And it’s expected to have a big turnout.

The jury members of the international competition and the competing films will be announced publicly at the festival’s press meeting.

The 8th Malatya International Film Festival
Malatya International Film Festival has been contributing to Turkish Cinema’s rise in recent years. Besides screening national and international films, the festival also initiates new projects and new partnerships by bringing the leading film professionals together.

The festival is held in Malatya, a city that is home to thousands of years old historical sites and settlements, such as Nemrut and Arslantepe, and it plays key role in shaping the film industry as the producers’ crucial element for the production, distribution, and marketing processes.

The 8th Malatya International Film Festival’s main competition categories are:
National Feature Film Competition, International Feature Film Competition, National Short Film Competition, and International Short Film Competition.

The festival’s competitions and events that are held to increase Turkish cinema’s visibility in both national and international arena, and to contribute to the development of the film industry, will take place between November 9-15, 2018.

Malatya International Film Platform

MIFF’s Malatya Film Platform, which aims to support the screenplay development and pre-production stages of the projects currently in development, and to initiate discussions on possible co-productions, with the participation of the industry professionals, will be held for the second time this year between November 11-15, 2018.

The festival has launched the Malatya Film Platform last year to contribute to national cinema by granting pre-production support. Starting this year, the platform is set to be turned into a major fund with the participation of nearby countries, and the first official collaboration of the platform has been made with Azerbaijan. The festival plans on turning the Malatya International Film Project, initiated in collaboration with Azerbaijan, into a major support fund involving nearby countries. The platform will expand more starting next year with the participation of other countries, and become a center of attraction for the filmmakers in nearby countries.

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