Besides many international and national events, a new social responsibility project that will influence the city of Malatya and its residents launches this year. “Pozitif Birim” has been held with a limited program until last year, and it’s now included in the festival program as a more extensive project: Festival Is Here. With this renewed project, the festival aims to include all Malatya residents; from children to people with special needs, refugees to nursing home residents.

The Children’s Cinema, The Children Of The Cinema

The festival aims to nurture the children’s interest in cinema. And as part of the “Festival Is Here” project, the children’s home residents in Malatya will get to attend the special children’s film screenings on November 11th.

The Healing Touch Of Cinema

In recent years, “Cinema therapy” has been adopted as a rapid and effective scientific method for treatment of chronic medical and mental disorders, particularly in Japan.  The 7th MIFF will hold special screenings to boost the morale of the children staying at Turgut Özal Medical Center’s Pediatric Unit, and help them benefit from the healing touch of cinema.

Film Posters By The Children With Down Syndrome

Besides attending the screening that will be held at a movie theater specially designed based on their comprehension and attention traits, children with Down syndrome will paint their own versions of both national and international film posters, under the guidance of art teachers. And these paintings will be exhibited between November 12th and 15th.

Nothing Can Stop Cinema

In this classic section of the Malatya International Film Festival, eight films will be screened this year. Four of these films are narrated and subtitled for the visually and hearing impaired audience, while the other four films are intended for the movie lovers with mobility impairments.

The screenings will be held between November 11th and 15th at the movie theaters specially designed in compliance with the transportation and physical needs of the individuals with special needs. Along with the members of Malatya-based civil society organizations, the staff of rehab centers and sports clubs, movie-lovers of all ages are also expected to attend the screenings.

Cinematic Nostalgia

Seniors not forgotten in the 7th Malatya International Film Festival. On November 10th, the nursing home residents in Malatya will get to experience a cinematic nostalgia with the unforgettable Yeşilçam films. Special Film

Screenings For Our Guests

As in previous years, the screenings at the Malatya Container City continue this year as well. Driven by the “Migration, Dream, Cinema…” theme, the films inspired by the road stories throughout the history of art will be screened for the Syrian guests in Malatya, on November 14th.

Initiated with the aim of spreading the festival across the city of Malatya, and carried out by a volunteer team; Festival Is Here offers various events and special film screenings selected by specialist physicians, tutors and academics.