7th Malatya International Film Festival will be held by Metropolitan Municipality of Malatya between 9-16 November 2017, in collaboration with the Governorship of Malatya. The press meeting was held with the participation of the Governor of Malatya and Honorary President of the Festival Mustafa Toprak, Mayor of Malatya and Festival President Ahmet Çakır, Festival Director Suat Köçer, Executive Committee President Ertan Mumcu, Mayor of Yeşilyurt and Festival Executive Committee Member Hacı Uğur Polat.

The press meeting was held on Wednesday, May 25th at Taksim Marmara Hotel in İstanbul, with wide participation of the press, and it was announced that production support will be granted to feature films and various amenities will be offered for short film makers. Along with the support to be offered, it was also announced that the festival will have many events and surprises from world cinema.

Application for 7th Malatya International Film Festival and Production Support starts on June 1st, 2017

Initiated with the inspiration by Turkey’s established culture and cinema, Malatya International Film Festival will bring cinema enthusiasts together for the 7th time this year with innovations and surprises that will attract the Turkish cinema and cinema industry.

“This festival was inspired by the autumn of Malatya, where East meets West, a city molded with cultural, historical and natural beauties by being embellished with thousand colors of cinema, and it’s a big event,” said the Festival Honorary President and Governor of Malatya Mustafa Toprak. Governor Toprak also stated that the festival will pursue its previous technical and traditional methods, and will have even more innovations this year.

On behalf of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor of Malatya and Festival President Ahmet Çakır expressed his great joy for hosting Malatya International Film Festival this year. Mayor Çakır continued his speech by saying that the festival undertakes an important mission in promoting the historical and cultural richness of Malatya to our country and to the world.

Festival Director Suat Köçer began his speech by thanking to Metropolitan Municipality of Malatya and Mayor Ahmet Çakır for taking over Malatya International Film Festival, one of Turkey’s most important film festivals and whose 7th edition will be held this year, by mobilizing all their resources to make the festival even better, then he informed the participants on this year’s innovations.


This year, veteran actress Hülya Koçyiğit will be the National Competition Jury President of 7th Malatya International Film Festival. Unfortunately Hülya Koçyiğit couldn’t attend the press meeting due to being in the U.S. for her treatment, but relayed a short message to the press meeting attendees.

“I hereby announce that I won’t be able to attend today’s press meeting of 7th Malatya International Film Festival, in which I will act as the jury president, due to my health issues. Wish good luck to the festival team. Greetings to all art and cinema enthusiasts,” said Koçyiğit in her message.


Festival Director Suat Köçer announced that Honor Awards they couldn’t present last year due to postponement will be given this year. This year, unforgettable veteran actor Halil Ergün who starred in many  significant films, and Belkıs Özener who embellished Yeşilçam with her unforgettable songs will be given the honor awards. Another Honor Award will be given to veteran film director Mesut Uçakan, who celebrates his 40th year in his cinema journey and has gained a genuine place in Turkish cinema with his demeanor and films.


Within Malatya Film Production Support, two important supports will be granted by Malatya International Film Festival and TRT at Malatya International Film Festival this year.

Ertem Eğilmez Family Films Support

The fund was inspired by the cinema of Ertem Eğilmez and has been created to encourage film productions emphasizing the value and importance of marriage institution in the eyes of individuals and society, and is identified with the master’s name. Within Ertem Eğilmez Family Films Support, a production selected by the jury will be awarded with 100,000 TL production support.

TRT Independent Film Support

The second support fund within Malatya International Film Festival will be granted by TRT. More information on the production support for free-themed films will be publicly announced soon.

Before The Festival, After The Festival

This year, two important events will be held before the festival, with the title “Towards The Festival”. First one will be an extensive symposium which is planned to become a festival tradition over time. At the symposium, which will be held with the participation of screenwriters, directors, producers, actors, academicians and experts from different fields, various aspects of past, present and future of indigenousness concept in Turkish cinema will be discussed. The two-day symposium is planned to be held in September. Later on the speeches and the academic papers in the symposium’s agenda will be compiled in a book and added to the ideation and literary library of Turkish cinema.

Festival Director Suat Köçer says that they want to keep a record of some important issues of current times we’re going through from filmmakers’ perspective, and that they will undertake the production of a documentary every year. In this regard, the first documentary to be made will focus on the 15 July Coup Attempt and will be directed by one of Azerbaijan’s significant directors, Elçin Musaoğlu, who gained appreciations and awards for his film “Nabat” at many festivals. The documentary will seek to answer the question, “What’s the foreign perspective on 15 July Coup Attempt?”, through the Azerbaijan example. Filming of the the documentary, which will take what Azerbaijanis experienced on the night of July 15th and after to the silver screen in a distinctive way, has started a while ago. And it will premiere with a special event in Malatya in October.


In order to increase the attendance of Malatya residents and local community to Malatya International Film Festival and to include Malatya people in the festival excitement, a new section called “Perhaps A Film Will Be Screened In The Village” will be added. Some programs from the festival’s film selection will be screened in some villages with an eight-wheeler that will be provided by Metropolitan Municipality of Malatya. With these screenings that will be held with the participation of director and cast of some films, the festival excitement will spread across Malatya.


A series of innovations made in short film section, which has become an important genre in cinema industry, will attract attention to 7th Malatya International Film Festival this year. To reinforce the festival’s international aspect, 10 films selected for the short film competition final will be screened at major theaters prior to feature film screenings in the program. Therefore, the efforts and excitement of short film makers will reach a wide audience. Digitizing cost of the short films will be covered by the festival.

Another innovation of the festival this year is that instead of one film, three films will be awarded in short film competition, said the Festival Director Köçer. In this regard; first runner-up will be awarded with 5,000 TL, second runner-up with 3,000 TL and third runner-up with 2,000 TL.

Innovations on money prize amount, award statuette, promotional activities of 7th Malatya International Film Festival’s National Feature Film Competition and surprises will be announced in the following days. Submissions will open on June 1st, 2017. And application for the first Malatya Film Production Support can also be made on the festival’s website as of June 1st.

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