Governor of Malatya
Festival Honorary President
Cinema has a great power that sometimes urges us to think and teaches us unique lessons, but always instils hope; a power that reveals the ways of thinking outside the box and developing empathy. Such that, the power of cinema cannot be found in any other art branch. Even the tourism industry can only reach a limited crowd, whereas it’s impossible to estimate how many people, how many nations, and which parts of the world that cinema can reach. Reflecting your culture, beliefs and ideas to billions of people, introducing the beauties of the lands you live in to the people across the world is only possible through the fascinating atmosphere of cinema, and stepping into the colorful world of the silver screen. Malatya is a distinguished city that makes great contributions to Turkey’s economy with its industry, and stands out with its strong agricultural industry, pioneering role in export, advanced educational and health care services. In this regard, with the Malatya International Film Festival, Malatya’s achievements in arts & culture have been remarkable, which are essential for bringing prestige to a city. Although it sometimes pushes the boundaries of imagination; the happiness, sorrow, lifestyle, perception, and all the facts of a society come into being in its cinema. So to speak, the silver screen is a mirror that manifests all values of the society. It’s the society itself… Hopefully, Malatya International Film Festival will continue with a growing enthusiasm and broaden the Ancient City of Malatya’s horizons with the most prestigious films in the coming years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the artists, distinguished film professionals and the precious festival guests who grace the Land of Apricot, and also to commemorate the esteemed cinema figures who have passed into eternal life.