26 Nov – 02 Oct 2010

1st Malatya International Film Festival

1st Malatya International Film Festival, hosted by Governorship of Malatya and Malatya Apricot Research, Development and Promotion Foundation, met the cinema enthusiasts between 26 November-2 December, and ended with the Award Ceremony on the night of December 2nd.

The festival’s award ceremony was held with the participation of  Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ertuğrul Günay; Governor of Malatya and Festival Honorary President, Assoc. Prof. Ulvi Saran; Mayor of Malatya, Chamber of Industry and Commerce President, along with many domestic and foreign guests, and press members.

At the ceremony hosted by Aslı Şahin and Kaan Girgin, Festival Director Ali Çalışır was the first speaker. “As I emphasized in my speech at the Opening Ceremony, it was people who would decide whether or not the festival would continue. Malatya people have made their decision by showing great interest in the films and the festival. We are honored to hear Avşar and Yeşil movie theaters say that even box office movies haven’t attracted such an audience. And we are delighted to see that the festival was embraced by all people of Malatya; from shopkeepers to taxi drivers,” said Ali Çalışır. He also expressed his appreciation for great interest of all private corporations, as well as local and foreign press.

Winning Films

International Feature Film Competition

Best Film: The Invisible Woman

Best Director: Filippos Tsitos / Plato’s Academy

Best Actor: Jan Farres / Balls

Best Screenplay: Cristián Jiménez, Alicia Scherson / Optical Illusions

Special Jury Award: Music On Hold

SİYAD Award for Best International Feature Film: Simon Konianski

Kemal Sunal People’s Choice Award: Dances With The Jackals

Short Film Competition

Best Film: The Uşak Thing

Special Jury Award: The Champion

SİYAD Award: A Small Truth

Festival Photos