The filming of the 15 July Documentary produced by 7th Malatya International Film Festival continues. Directed by famous Azerbaijani director, Elçin Musaoğlu, the documentary will take the events erupted on the night of July 15th to the silver screen, from the perspective of our sister country, Azerbaijan. As of this year, many events will take place throughout the year as part of 7th Malatya International Film Festival. The festival will undertake the production of a documentary every year, and this year’s theme is 15 July Coup Attempt.

Filmed in Four Cities

Filming of the documentary, which narrates the events of July 15 through the perspective of Azerbaijani people, started late May in Baku. The documentary includes the impressions of Azerbaijani artists, businessmen and citizens regarding that night. Dramatic events that Azerbaijani people living in Turkey experienced will be projected through the eyes of the witnesses. The filming continued in İstanbul, Ankara and Kocaeli. Then the film crew interviewed the Azerbaijani students living in Malatya. Based on the observations of the students, the filming took place at the city’s hectic spots of that night – including the Fire Department of Malatya – then the crew went back to İstanbul. The filming will conclude in Baku.

Turkey is not made up of Turkey!

The documentary, directed by Azerbaijani director Elçin Musaoğlu, will premiere in October. Musaoğlu is an esteemed director whose two feature films, “Nabat” and “The 40th Door”, won recognition and awards at many festivals. He expressed his great joy for directing this documentary, and said that 15 July Coup Attempt was not only aimed at Turks, but also all Turkic Republics and all Turks. “Turkey is not made up of Turkey, and that’s why Azerbaijani people in many Turkish cities joined the resistance on July 15,” said Musaoğlu.

Festival Director Suat Köçer says that they want to keep a record of some important issues of current times from the filmmakers’ perspective, and seek to answer the question, “What’s the foreign perspective on 15 July Coup Attempt?”, through the Azerbaijan example. “Besides projecting the Azerbaijani people’s joint fight with Turkish people against the 15 July Coup Attempt, and the dramatic events they experienced, the documentary will once again reveal the strong ties between these two countries,” said the Festival Director Suat Köçer. The documentary will be premiered in October in Malatya, and will be shown during the festival again.

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